2015 Google Search Algorithm's You Should Know About in 2016


Some of the most important algorithm changes with Google happened this past year in 2015. If you want to stay up to date with the Algorithm changes, I want to recommend keeping the following web page from Moz bookmarked https://moz.com/google-algorithm-change 

One of the most important algorithms was their Mobile Update AKA “Mobilegeddon” which was launched back in April. This update impacted the ranking of non-responsive websites and was Google ways of saying user experience is what needs to be fixed. Many websites were and still are non-responsive, meaning that they don’t look good on Mobile Phones or other responsive devices such as iPads and Tablets. In fact, if you spent some time in Google Webmaster tools this year and you manage websites like my WordPress Agency does you might have noticed some notifications and suggestions even if you thought your website was fully responsive.

I came across this great infographic today and just had to share it. This infographic was created by E2M a Digital Marketing agency out of in Gujarat, INDIA. Great job on this, you guys did some amazing images and moving pieces in this infographic, that really detail the Algorithms and some of their effects on search rankings.

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates Of 2015

As you can see this infographic really lists out some of the things you should be aware of moving forward in 2016.

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