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Join the local Arizona WordPress Meetup

I just attended the local Arizona WordPress Meetup tonight, it’s been a while since I have attended @Gangplank in Chandler, AZ and I was excited to hear that the meetup has now created their own website with information about their local Meetups in Arizona and is trying to spread the knowledge about our local WordPress community.

Here are some of the advantages of attending a local Arizona WordPress Meetup that I have found beneficial..

  1. You can learn about WordPress from some of the best developers in town, FOR FREE!
  2. Share problems or questions that you may have with your WordPress website, and possibly get them answered
  3. Network with others who can help you grow your business online with WordPress
  4. Learn about WordPress Themes and Plugins that are potentially great tools for your growth
  5. Suggest topics for the Meetup
  6. Watch the Meetup from the comfort of your own home if you miss it.

WordPress is such a great platform for any small business or organization and I have to say it’s too bad that many don’t know about what it’s capable of truly doing. It has long exceeded just a Blog Platform and become a fully functional CMS.

If you want to learn more about WordPress I want to suggest that you check out one of the local Arizona WordPress Meetups.

The Arizona WordPress Group is a collective group of individuals who have a passion for the content management and blogging platform of WordPress.

This website is operated by individuals who have volunteered their skills, experiences and time to connect and empower local WordPress communities across Arizona. –

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