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So are you looking for a easier way to save time sharing information that you love with your networks? Social sharing has become easier in many ways over the past few years, you may choose to share something you found on a website by the click of a sharing button or maybe you are using a tool such as HootSuite.

Well, there is something that makes it even easier to share the content you love and also put it across your social feeds in a que or time based pattern. Buffer App tool has been around for a little while now and is a new social sharing application that combines some great features and functions.

So how exactly will Buffer make things easier for me?

The Buffer app allows posting to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN accounts very simple. There are also many integrations already in place to use buffer and you might even notice our flare sharing widget above which also incorporates it. There are many other integrations with other application such as Feedly, Twitter, and WordPress.

If you are a registered user, you can post in many different ways: either via the Buffer website, using browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, or using the Buffer social sharing button, which can be embedded on websites. Mobile versions of the app are also available for iOS and Android and these can also integrate with applications such as Pocket, Feedly and others.

So what is exactly the benefits of using Buffer?

There many time that I have found an article or a tool that I like and want to share it on my social streams, the problem that I often find is that I have to go manually into an account to place the content as well as assign it a time to post or I am going to be annoying the hell out of other friends of mine on my social networks by sharing something every 5-20 minutes.

Here’s where Buffer makes it better for you and you don’t have to do any labor intensive work to share what you like.  When you click the buffer button or share a link via Buffer it places the content shared into a queue. Then the application publishes it and sets it to post at a specific time throughout the day where it can determine the best public view and engagement of the content. Users can change these schedule times for each profile on the account.

Buffer also includes its own analytics component so users can see Likes, shares, and retweets.

So now what? Why don’t you head over to to get started!

Below are some screen shots of the application and different windows.


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